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Norma G.

Jesus is the best!!! Do you know how many places I have gone to for my sciatic pain and none ever helped. Jesus knows exactly what he is doing and where the pressure points are and where the pain is coming from. He is professional and explains everything so clearly. He walks you through any discomfort you might feel and gives clear instructions for after your massage. He is organized as his online appointment scheduling is easy to use and there is no confusion. You get confirmation emails to remind you about your appointment and if ever the dates don't work Jesus will personally contact you. His new location offers ample parking which is free and was easy to find. I always feel so much better after an hour session. I definitely recommend him.

Everlyne J

I am a patient with severe back and leg pain. I have been suffering from my back injury after practicing golf several years ago. My legs and feet are always cold because I have been sitting at work for a long time, my legs have been swollen often, and my blood has not circulated.
After consulting with XAE massage, I had massage therapy today. He diagnosed the affected area correctly, and gently massaged it with less pain. It seemed to have been corrected and was a true medical massage, unlike a general massage shop. In the meantime, I had experienced a lot of massage, and I was impressed with the effort to find the exact pain, loosen the muscles and cure the cause. XAE medical massage therapy had the passion and the knowledge to find the cause and to heal the muscles, not just to relieve the momentary fatigue with massage. Thank you, XAE Medical Massage!


Jill Paget

I highly recommend Jesus. I've had 2 massages from him. He was polite, knowledgable and communicative. His office is clean and comfortable. Making appts and payments is easy. 
The environment is more like a doctor's office than a spa, which shouldn't be a surprise to people looking for a "medical" massage.
I intend to get regular massages from him. I'm a runner and my main concern is alleviate lower back and leg pain and also to prevent future injuries. I already feel better after 2 massages. When I use a foam roller on my legs at home I can feel the difference. Before I saw him my leg muscles were so tight that when I foam rolled them it was painful and ineffective - they wouldn't yield or release. After I saw him my muscles were looser and I could feel the knots deep in my muscles and get them to release with the roller - it's still painful, but at least it's effective :)

Myrna Garcia

My muscles have been so tight for a very long time; I guess my level of stress is very high, but going for this massage with Jesus was a blessing.  I felt a big difference from the very first visit; and not only that but he takes time to explain how you can improve your health by focusing on posture and stretching, etc.  I recommend him.

Jeremy L.

Best massage I've had in my 22 years of experience getting massages!  Jesus is truly a miracle worker.  So knowledgeable about figuring out where my pain was and working through it.  I wish I could take him home with me!

Angela Labaw

Jesus has a real healing touch! My range of motion and pain are better since seeing him for almost a month now. I'm so grateful I found him he really gets in there on the trigger points so things can open up and heal! Highly recommended.

Christina C.

Jesus has a true gift for medical massage. The results I have felt are far better than any other professional masseuse I have tried working with in the LA area. I knew immediately after my first treatment that I had found the best person to help me get back to the pain-free lifestyle I had missed for a long while. Thank you Jesus !