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  • The new changes in the Affordable Care Act, allow patients with Medicare Advantage to receive Massage Therapy services as part of regular care and pain managment therapy.
  • If you have any Medicare Advantage Plan ask your doctor to reffer you to us, we can provide the needed information to your Doctor.
  • If you have a differente plan to Medicare Advantage Health Plan, please contact your insurance company before calling or  scheduling your session with us. There is the outcome:
    • You do not have any coverage.​
    • You have acces to a discount (Choose Healthy Program). 
    • You can be reimbursed by the Insurance Company for Massage  Therapy Services. (Provider must be registered with insurance).
    • Your coverage can be partial (Copayment) or can be complete.
  • Only if you already called your insurance and verified you have coverage, we need to collect your information and complete the request for approval. This process can take 3-5 business days.
  • You can download the document below. Send it back to us with your information and a copy of your insurance ID: xaemassage@outlook.com
  • We will contact you for the next action requiered.
 Verification form for Massage Therapy Coverage.