XAE Medical Massage:

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We are closed on Jul 4th


We specialize in Medical Massage for pain relief, Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage and Post Operative Lymphatic Drainage for liposuction recovery and other surgeries, scar/fibrosis reduction.

We have patients referred to us by  medical professional as Medical Doctors, Plastic Surgeons, Nurses, other Health Practitioners as Acupuncturist, Psychologist and Gynecologist.

In this Medical Massage clinic our treatments follow specific Medical Massage protocols based in science and proved results.

We have been recognized by multiple surgeons as the best Post operative massage place for their patients from Beverly Hills, LA, Florida, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Colombia and more.

Our Post Op massage warranty.
*Following exactly our instructions and recommendations you will heal with: 10-12 massages for only Liposuction or 12-15 sessions for Liposuction + Tummy Tuck  (results for patients with age range of 20-40 years old with good health older than 40 additional sessions may be need it).
*You will not develop fibrosis but you must come as soon as 2-3 days after your surgery.
*The massage will not be painful.

 "We are here to heal people, working honestly, consciously and efficiently".
   5 years in Business helping thousands of clients.


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How to find us:
8622 Reseda Blvd Suite 203, Northridge Ca. 91324.
We are located in the Southeast corner of Reseda Blvd and Bryant St (as you see on the map), on the second floor suite 203.

Please use the doors circled in yellow on the pictures below so you can use the stairs and come up.

If the front door is locked you can enter to the building using the rear door located on Bryant St.


Front entrance on Reseda Blvd

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Rear entrance on Bryant St

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